A Mongolian producer who contributes 50% of the total financing of a film can receive funding up to 50% of their contribution, provided that 30% of the funding they received was spent in Mongolia


Film Support Fund aims to support film production activities with non-repayable financing and repayable soft loans.
The fund supports film production projects and activities:
 A project to produce Mongolian films, or a joint film project to finance at least 50 percent of the total funding of a Mongolian film producer;
 To make a feature and animated films lasting at least 75 minutes;
 To make a documentary film lasting at least 60 minutes.
• A series of films, feature films, and documentaries showing the history of Mongolia;
• A series of films, feature films, documentaries, and animated films that have a positive impact on the upbringing and development of children and youth, or a documentary film that has a positive impact on public health and healthy living habits;
• Feature films and short films (Arthouse films) that demonstrate the personal creativity, aesthetic values, and expression of the director’s intentions to compete in international film festivals;
• A film depicting Mongolian culture and life, or a young filmmaker’s first or second feature film or short film;
• To preserve and restore Mongolian films;
• Participate in international film festivals and exhibitions with Mongolian films, organize international film festivals in Mongolia, promote Mongolian film abroad, and participate in film festivals;
• To support the capacity-building training and educational support for filmmakers and production staff.
Loans for the implementation of the following projects and activities are provided through selected commercial banks:
• Making commercial films.
• Introduce technology, software, and innovations aimed at improving the infrastructure required for film production.
Film support projects and activities at the following stages:
• To design and develop a film project or design a film dossier and film presentation, to develop a script, to participate in film project training courses and an international film lab, to participate in international film development workshops, and to hire an international film consultant, to do test filming of the project;
• Production, postproduction, sound and video editing;
• Prepare the film for public releases or convert it into a basic format for distribution in cinemas (DCP) for advertising costs associated with releasing the film abroad.

The Fund shall not provide support in the following cases:
 The project or activity clearly promotes violence, aggression, pornography, use of drugs and psychotropic substances;
 Has previously received financial support from the Fund but has not fulfilled its contractual obligations;
 Has a loan balance from the Fund;
 Implementing projects and activities with funding from the Fund;
 The borrower has an outstanding loan balance in the loan database of the Bank of Mongolia;
 Information on the project, measures, and their implementers is not allowed to be published in the mass media;
 Requested and received a certificate and concluded a contract to reimburse a certain percentage of the expenses incurred for filming in the territory of Mongolia;
 It has been determined that the loan received from the Fund has been misused;
 Owes an outstanding debt to the social insurance and tax authority as of the last day of a project application submission.