Film production

FundingFundingFilm production

Film producers and film productions wishing to receive funding to produce must submit the following documents:
• The concept of the film project, a synopsis, a brief introduction to the film project;
• Education, experience and artistic accomplishments of the film producer and director;
• Financial estimates (costs related to development, filming, postproduction, sound and video editing, DCP for first theatrical release and other materials), financial plan, detailed bio of the team on its experience and accomplishment and expected results of the project.
• Documents and agreements related to intellectual property and copyright
• Documents related to work experience, professional skills, financial plan, results of the project, intellectual property and copyright clearance of the parties implementing the project or event.

Film producers and film productions must have at least 30 percent of the total funding for their projects and activities secured upon request.

Film producers and film productions must submit the original document in a foreign language with a translation. The applicant is fully responsible for the accuracy of the documents, and it is possible to provide additional documents required during the selection process.

Requests for funding for the implementation of one project or activity must not be submitted more than three times.
Projects and activities must be able to be implemented within the time specified in the request, and at least 30% of the funds to be received from the Fund must be spent in the territory of Mongolia.

The Council must meet within 45 days after the deadline to receive applications for projects and activities, review the applications, evaluate the projects and activities, make proposals and conclusions and submit them to the Cabinet member in charge of cultural affairs.

The Council must calculate the amount of financial support as follows and make a conclusion:

Up to 80 percent of the total funding for the first and second feature films and short feature films by young filmmakers;

Up to 70 percent of the total funding must be provided for the production of films. For co-productions up to 30 percent of the cost of financing a Mongolian film producer and for co-productions that demonstrate the personal creativity, aesthetic values and expression of the director’s intentions to compete in international film festivals (Arthouse films) up to 50 percent of the cost of financing a Mongolian film producer must be provided;

Up to 80 percent of total funding must be provided for participating in international film festivals and exhibitions with Mongolian films, organizing international film festivals in Mongolia, preserving and restoring Mongolian films, and organizing activities for the development and capacity building of film professionals and production staff.

If the Council considers that the film projects and activities requesting funding are realistic, feasible and effective, it may review the full text of the film, obtain additional clarifications if necessary, and arrange an interview with the applicant. Foreign and domestic consultants and experts may be hired for films (Arthouse films) and other necessary film projects that demonstrate the director’s personal creativity, aesthetic values and views.