Commercial film

FundingLoanCommercial film

Film producers and film productions wishing to obtain a loan for the production of a film must submit the following documents:

  • Introduction to the film;
  • Information on the skills, experience, and success of film producers and directors;
  • Information and list of technical capacity and equipment for film production;
  • Preliminary forecast of possible outcomes of the project, financial estimates, and results to be achieved by implementing the project;
  • Documents and agreements related to intellectual property and copyright.

Film producers and film productions must submit the original document in a foreign language with a translation. The applicant is fully responsible for the accuracy of the documents and materials, and it is possible to provide additional documents required during the selection process.

The Council must meet within 45 days after the deadline for receiving loan applications for projects and activities, discuss the proposals and requests that meet the requirements set forth in this regulation, make proposals and conclusions and submit them to the Cabinet member in charge of cultural affairs.