Mongolian National Film Council

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AboutFilm council

The Mongolian National Film Council (MNFC) is an organization of the Ministry of Culture of Mongolia responsible for promoting and supporting film culture and filmmaking.

MNFC’s mission is to provide legal, economic, infrastructural, and cooperation support for filmmaking in Mongolia to ensure the sustainable development of Mongolian film culture.

MNFC provides support for the local film industry and international co-productions. It issues grants and soft loans, and reimbursement of eligible expenses for filming and postproduction. It promotes Mongolian culture and attracts international productions. It issues filming permits in Mongolia and provides guidelines on locations, studio facilities, and post-production facilities. MNFC facilitates contact with VFX vendors, animators, suppliers, and issues talent guidelines. It also facilitates the distribution of local and international films and operates as a digital hub for the Mongolian film industry.

MNFC implements its mission through the Mongolian Film Fund, the International Relations Unit, and the Public Affairs Unit.

The MNFC appoints a Council with a Chairperson and 10 non-staff members. At least 30 percent of Council members are representatives of Government agencies in culture, intellectual property, budget, and finance. Other members are artists and members of professional NGOs working in the film industry. A Management Team carries out the day-to-day operations of the Council.