Protected area permit

Filming in strictly protected areas and special protected areas in Mongolia requires a separate permit.

FilmingPermitsProtected area permit

    When filming in Strictly Protected Areas and Special Protected Areas, an official letter must be sent to the Special Protected Areas Administration of the Ministry of Nature, Environment and Tourism.

    The letter should clearly state the location of the photo shoot, the movie introduction, the filming date, the film crew information, the contact information and the address. The letter will be given to the one-stop service center and the ministry’s clerk.


    1. State special protected areas shall be classified as follows:

     1) Strictly Protected Areas;

     2 / national parks;

     3 / nature reserves;

     4 / monuments.

    1. Province, the capital city, sum and districts may take certain areas within their territory under special local protection.

    For more information on protected areas, please click here

    Address: Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar 15160, Chingeltei district, United Nations street 5/2, Government building II, Ministry of Nature, Environment and Tourism. Protected Area Authority.

    Telephone: (+976) 51-267283