The feature film "Harvest moon" won the right to participate in the Oscars

The feature film “Harvest moon” won the right to participate in the Oscars

According to the requirements of the Oscar film festival, the films representing the country in the “Best International Film” category are selected and sent by the country’s film committee and council.  The Mongolian National Film Council, under the Ministry of Culture of Mongolia, has received the right to select works representing the country at the Oscar award ceremony.

For this reason, during the “Film Industry Conference”, the head of the Mongolian National Film Council, Ch. Undral, officially announced that it was decided to send the feature film “Harvest moon” selected from the Mongolian films made in 2022 to the festival.

The 95th Oscar Film Festival will be held in Los Angeles in March 2023. At the festival, the first feature film directed by actor B. Amarsaikhan, “Harvest moon” have received the right to participate to represent Mongolia in the “Best International Film” category.

The feature film “Harvest moon” premiered at the 41st “Vancouver International Film Festival” (VIFF) held in September of this year and won the “Audience Awards”.

The film team congratulates the team and wishes them success in their future work!