Mongolia: The upstart film nation

Mongolia: The upstart film nation

Mongolia: The upstart film nation with generous new tax incentives to support local and international film shoots, a new national film organization launching in cannes, the Mongolian national film council, not to mention incredible landscapes that have attracted a growing number of international shoots, and a chance to meet the country’s cultural minister and other top film execs in cannes, and Mongolia has plenty of reasons to gain attention as what is fast becoming an upstart film nation.

Nomin Chinbat, the Minister of Culture for Mongolia is leading the delegation of Mongolian filmmakers and industry executives to the 75th Festival where the new Mongolian National Film Council (MNFC) is launching. For the first time this year, the MNFC has an exhibition space at the Marche Du Film in the Palais des Festivals, located at Palais- 1/23.06. The MNFC is providing daily presentations and local cultural entertainment at the booth.

Ulambayar, Nyamkhuu, Mongolia’s Ambassador to France, along with Undral Choimpog, the newly appointed head of the Film Council, is accompanying the filmmaking community to the Riviera.

Film Incentives

One big reason to touch base with Mongolia in Cannes is that international and national producers can apply for new incentives which come in the form of cash rebates. The recently launched incentives are among the most competitive in the world and include a 30% location incentive and 10% cultural incentive. (See below)

Mongolian films will be screened at the MNFC booth by various distributors including Bayanjargal Moldoi, chairman of digital content; Tsogtbayar Namsrai, president of Mongolian film distribution; and Tsengel Davaasambuu, founder, Culture Distributor.

“Mongolia is a country rich in nature, culture and history, and with storytelling at the heart of our people,” said Minister Chinbat in a recent statement.

“Our content industry has been developing rapidly over the past several years, which has also seen an increase to our production quality. The launching of our new Film Council and its attractive incentives programme will hopefully result in further growth and firmly place Mongolia on the map for global producers,” she added. Head of the MNFC Choimpog added: “The Mongolian National Film Council is ready to assist the world’s best producers and filmmakers in our beautiful country, offering a range of great production benefits and tax incentives. We look forward to welcoming you to Mongolia soon.”

The MNFC implements the Law on Promotion of Cinematography and focuses on increasing the film production capacity of Mongolian artists, developing their professional skills, supporting co-operation between Mongolian and foreign filmmakers and promoting Mongolian cinema at the International level. They provide permission for foreign filmmakers to film in Mongolia, receive and resolve requests for reimbursement of film production costs, and provide all necessary information.

Source: (Cannes Market News 22 May, 2022, p9)